About Us


To create a sphere for the new generation where women and children have a say on the decision making, visualising a new social structure where all dehumanising factors turns to humanising and individuals join together as communities to realise their personal and collective aims.


Vision Heaven visualizes the transformation of these villages in to self reliant and harmonious society with gender equality . Our dream, a society where the people have capacities to raise their income, health status and education preserving their traditional culture and expressions. Women are recognizing their contribution and opportunity to grow equality with men and work together in the process of development. People have right to information and right to decide future. We wish to see that the people are actively engaged in all the development activities and build their individual and community based resources with active participation. We also believe in a structural approach to holistic development where every individual accesses his or her rights in an increasingly globalised development context.

Aims And Objective

  • Health services include preventives basis, better nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, immunization and other ancillary services to the poor, helpless and neglected persons of the society.

  • Project work shall be undertaken for spread of functional literacy and education among illiterate children and adult through informal information and non-formal; system of education

  • Any Agriculture activities like horticulture , Sericulture, sericulture , piscisculture and animal husbandry shall be engaged for better food production , income generation and employment and supply various equipments, new variety and fertilizers.

  • Any sort of socio –economic activities shall carry out for the self reliance of the people.

  • Community resources and external resources shall be utilized for any welfare activities among them.

  • Various training programmes like art, craft and trade shall be initiated for self – employment and rehabilitation for under privileged class.

  • Forest and environment shall be conserved and also created trough avenue plantation and rural plantation.

  • Abolition of bonded labour and child labour shall be checked.

  • Public awareness shall be related in proper means against social evils, health education, agriculture, new economy programmes and exercised citizen’s rights.

  • Local assistance shall be provided to all deserving persons who need it but cannot afford it.

  • Appropriate we measure shall be taken against alcoholism drugs and sedatives.

  • The ideology of "HEAVEN" shall be organized seminars meetings ,festivals Exhibitions cultural exchange programmes and tour activities

  • Victims of disasters events, such as drought, flood, famine, fire, war, accidents and anti –social behavioue shall be provided appropriate emergency services.

  • Thought and activities of HEAVEN shall be published through printed materials like booklets, pamphlets, notice, posters and education materials.

  • Training programme shall be carrying out for community leader and youth on legal organization and cultural matters.

  • Any procession, mass action and social action shall be carried out for problem, of the individual and community.

  • All possible sympathetic help and assistance shall be approved to the poor, orphans, aged person, widows, divorces and diseased, physically handicapped